Chapter 10 Application:

It's Time to 

Write Yours

Hey Mama, Its not all rainbows and unicorns up in here. Sometimes its tough to know what's next. You wake up and you are faced with the question, How did I get here? Are you living to work or working to live? Do you have a life? If not, how do you get it back? 

Sometimes god speaks loudest in the silence, sometimes you find him in the waiting.

An Excerpt from Chapter 10: 

"The trend of this story is that I typically don’t just encounter lessons one time, master them and move on. I tend to find myself in similar situations over and over again with new details but same challenges. I believe this is because as much as our hope can lie in knowing our God is not a God of confusion, we must also confidently expect that our enemy is not creative. He knows where our cracks exist and he comes back at them over and over again. If he tripped us up once, he will attack the same weakness, just like any other predator."

It's Time to Write your Chapter 10:

I just poured it all out there for you, every sad and sappy detail of being in a place and not knowing what’s next. But the truth is, I wrote Chapter 10 four months before this moment where I type the application. I already know how that ended up working out and I have never been more amazed at what God can do. I eagerly await sharing this with you in the next book, but that isn’t what this is about.

When I open this chapter and read it, which I’ve done about one hundred times, each time I read the last sentence I break out into full tears. I know what’s coming, I wrote it! But it has the exact same effect. That’s because words are powerful. It takes me back to the raw emotion of that time where I needed to fully surrender to God what His next step for my life would be. I am more grateful at the outcome because I can reflect on the journey.

You’ve endured 10 chapters of my thoughts, God’s word and applications and I’m hopeful that somewhere along the way just one phrase or paragraph sparked something. Whatever that is and whatever your current state is, sit here right now and write it down.

Write your Chapter 10. Remind yourself where you are today, where you hope to be (because you now have a plan) and surrender it all to Him. In four months, because that’s exactly what it took for me to see this happen, pull out your letter and see where God’s brought you. Do it again in a year, three years, five years, heck maybe even 20 years.

He may not deliver on all of your requests because our plans often put limits on how big our God can be, but I’m certain you will find comfort in the words of your former self and glimpses of God’s great love for you along the way.

"The higher you climb on the corporate ladder, the more that is expected of you. In all of my vision and planning, I never wrote the words “become vice president”. When I sit and daydream I could get caught up in the fact that achieving that next step is a very attainable goal, but my reality is that moving to that step comes at such a cost and a price that I am not willing to pay. When I run a great meeting or deliver a presentation of my work that goes off without a hitch, it is easy to feel a euphoric high from the praises of man, but eventually the high wears off and I am grounded in the reminder that praise from man is fleeting. After all, I had already made a decision that I wasn’t working for man, so their praises would never be enough." This One's For the Working Mama, Chapter 10